New Things !! cdicv !!! Nº C 0063

CDICV – Colegio de Diseñadores de Interior de Valencia

Book of Ideas – Creative Portfolio

Hello  all! I present my book of ideas! It contains more than 50 designs !!! I’m still looking for new work experiences …. If you like to share!…

Lettering – Design Graphic

Lettering They are just exercises for an EASD elective, but they are beautiful! » ]  

Labor Proposal for CuldeSac – Interior Design and Sketching

Interior design exercise for a creative position in the CuldeSac Design Studio  

Packaging Contest – Basmati Dacsa Rice – Product Design

Development of packaging for the Cluster Packaging competition.  

Perpulit Club Jazz – Interior Design

Interior design for the creation of a space dedicated to Jazz. The local, is destined to the day to be a zone of purchase and at night a…

David San San – Image and brand design for Musical Producer

Design for the DJ David San San. Creating illustrations for t-shirts and personal image            

New Moncada Silk Museum – Corporate Brand – Design Graphic

New Moncada Silk Museum Brand and image design. Where silk and color receive their greatest importance.    

Esencia de Garín – Design Graphic Image and Identity

Esencia de Garín Graphic image for the Garin 1820 trademark. Fresh and with the quality of a great company. »         ]  

Oculus Tricycle – 3d Street Trip Project

Oculus Tricycle A vehicle medium as a form of urban 3d travel business. » ]  

Essence of Garín – Design of Foulards and Vectorization – Design Graphic

Production and vector design of printing for scarves for «Essence of Garin«